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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion

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Intutive Art Message ~ May 2020

Posted on May 5, 2020 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (8797)
                                                           Intuitive Art Message 
                                                                  by David
                                                                  May 2020

There are many ways to interpret this multidimensional painting:

 1)  “Meet you at the Crossroads” A Spiritual journey into the physical realm by Middle Eastern customs would be from right to left and move upwards.  This could be represented by the earthly red clay road which starts from the bottom right and continues left and up to the “Crossroads”.  Here you would have a major choice and decision to make and you would be assisted by Spiritual advisors.  You could decide to reincarnate by turning left and then rejoin your quest for more wisdom gathering experiences, like “Self-Discovery” and “Self-Mastery”, by starting again near your beginning or you could continue onward and upward to other “Off-the-Charts” experiences.  The movie “Defending Your Life” depicts this journey very well.   

2)  “Dreaming a new Divine Reality” Along your Human journey towards crossroad after crossroad, you take respites of night and day dreaming.  This is where you more freely create encapsulated experiences to explore other dimensional realities.  This is depicted in the painting by the flower looking expression starting near the beginning of the “Crossroad” journey and going off on its own little world.  The movie “Vanilla Sky” is indicative of this dream state.   

3)  “The Observer” This position is represented by the four ghostlike forms of beings that are outside of the Crossroads and Dream states.  These beings can influence humans in the other states of awareness by a still small voice as they are in a nearby or overlapping dimension.  Sometimes they will appear on the Crossroads reality as semi-solid or in a real-like human form to communicate verbally or take physical action to assist that level of reality.  The movie “The Adjustment Bureau” shows some concepts supporting this understanding.  

 4)  “The Observers of the ‘Observers’ Position” This is the overseers of the “Observer” position which is represented by the gold flecks of sparkle that permeate all the other dimensional realities.  It is easier for “The Observers” to feel the essence and communication from them however some humans in the dream or crossroads states, if they move to the Still Point, can also perceive this energy.  The movie “The Thirteenth Floor” and “Star Trek Next Generation” series sheds light on this position.

Intutive Art ~ May 2020

Posted on May 5, 2020 at 4:31 PM Comments comments (4333)
 Intuitive Art 
May 2020 

                                        Following is an Intuitive Art Message.  
                  Allow your intuition to guide You into discovering your personal message.  

     Gaze into this picture for an expansive view and become aware of personal feelings...            Notice the background, shapes, space, colors, sizes, patterns, symmetry...            
     Gaze into this picture with a detailed look and become aware of personal feelings...        
      Allow relationships and their associations to bring insights through images, words,                  sounds or more...

                  Discover your personal message through this Creative Art Image:                                          
                       I encourage you to share your messages by responding to this blog. 
                                                             Have FUN with this!

Intuitive Art Message for December 2019

Posted on November 21, 2019 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (5275)

 Intuitive Art Message
 for December : By Jackie

The painting feels light and airy, it has a wispy feeling, revealing a less definite form; more transparency.    I feel fun and frolic as I gaze into the upper left corner as well as the spirals in the middle of the painting.  The energy of the figure in the upper left hand corner is emulating a strong center and I get the impression of exuberance.   Golden sprinkles are evident throughout the painting, more heavily within the center of the painting.

The light blue background depicts a light and spiritual air; it is mixed with white giving it a translucent appearance.  The shapes are simple and translucent.  The figure in the upper left seems to be happy and joyful; it is the color of light pink/purple. There is a pink/purple heart  in the middle of the page between two wavy lines of white light .  A scant golden/yellow spiral resides in the upper right hand corner.

The figure resides in the upper realm and is separated by an elongated wavy line of white.  It is also related to the large heart; as it is expressing the same frequencies of color that represent Spiritual Love.  The heart is evolving and transforming energy through the three spirals as it moves closer to the golden/yellow spiral; it also connects with the lower wavy line of white.

Message Interpretation:

Those in the Higher Realms are joyfully observing and assisting in the movement and expression of qualities of Heart (Love) and qualities of Light (Wisdom).  A connection has been made and there is a Golden Celebration occurring in both cosmic and earthly realms. 


Intutive Art Message ~ November 2019

Posted on November 9, 2019 at 2:03 PM Comments comments (5712)
Divine Spiritual Pictography
November 2019
Interpreted by David/LE
(aka: #37 ‘Dear Cosmos’)

I was asked by Jackie, author of “Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity”, to interpret the meaning of her Divinely Inspired Pictograph message to the readers of The Houston Spirituality Magazine.

I am a clear channel for ANY Spiritual Being, Group, or Energy that has a desire to communicate a message to any individual or group of earthly beings.  The following is the message that I translated into English:

“Opportunities for Expansion Abound!”

“‘They’, which will be identified at the end of this interpretation, would like you to know that Jackie was diligent in allowing their Divine Spiritual Guidance to simplify what Sages and the Ancient Ones have been communicating to Humanity since the beginning of creation… ‘Opportunities for Expansion Abound!’ and ‘You are not alone!’

Before reading further, I invite you to allow Your Spiritual Guidance to give you an interpretation or a detailed personal message just for your personal edification and growth.

OK… They want me to start from the Green Path sprawling through a backdrop of an out-of-the-void heightened illumined arena of lavender.  This path is indicative of Your personal pre-authorized journey leading back to your original home or place of creation and demarcation which is depicted as a Yellow-Golden Sun.  This is your pre-chosen Life-Path which is dramatically affected by your previous Physical Incarnations represented by the underlying Pyramid of Dark Brown Emotions.

You can plainly see all this happening within the space between the white wavy lines which represents the ‘VEIL’ that separates our realities.  This was observed and described in the interpretation for the October Painting.  This veil has expanded to encompass Higher and Lower Vibrating Dimensional Realms within our known universe and immediate sensory perception.  Included within our Newly Expanded Overlapping Realities is the Sparkly Golden Triangle of Divine Guidance dedicated towards our Physical-Emotional-Spiritual Growth. 

Note that there are two squiggly spiraling transforming Black to Gold expressions inside and outside of our perceptual reality.  They are the mirror opposite of each other meaning they are reflective realities with-in and with-out our physical senses and will continue to expand into more of what we are; our energetic offspring’s of a sort.

Now for the guiding Spirit for this Divine Spiritual Pictography which is represented here by the Crystal Blue Turquoise Energy emerging just outside our known reality or Uni-Verse: “Another One”.  We have encountered this “Energy” at one of our Monthly ONE-TLC board meetings.  It identified itself and said it was the Creator of another Uni-Version that was NOT built upon the ‘Sacred Geometry’ that our Uni[Verse was created from.  It went on to explain that in that Uni-Verion; EveryThing that is physical and expected to act a ‘Certain Way’, because of your Human Expectations, had to respond in just the opposite of what you intended or expected.  My response was “WOW… that would surely bring you in a hurry to the Now State Living and experiencing a wonderful Non-dualistic and Non-expectation Reality.”

Finally there is that eight pointed star at the junction or boarder-line between our perceived realities and that “Other One”.   Hmmm… it feels like there is always a “Divine Observer” overlooking the “Guardians” of these realities that act as a “Gate-Keeper” for possible Transition and Integration of Energetic Spirits wanting to experience…
 I am curious about the next Divine Spiritual Picture that Jackie presents for December, 2019 as this is very intriguing indeed.
So… to summarize all this… ‘Opportunities for Expansion Abound!’ and ‘You are not alone!’ so remember ‘All you need to do is Ask’.
Namaste – David Allison  aka #37

Intutive Art Message ~ November 2019

Posted on October 28, 2019 at 7:33 PM Comments comments (2618)

 Intuitive Art Message for November 2019

Interpretation by Jackie

I am feeling Light and Playful as I gaze into the painting.

A spiritual air and sense of acceptance resides through the lavender background,
                                         while the three triangular shapes denote manifestations or form.

The dark triangle represents areas of creation that involve darkness, karma, or unresolved emotions. 
 The turquoise triangle represents the emergent of a new creation,
                                                a new form that is born of light, clarity, and truth.

The gold triangle pointing downward symbolizes the Light
                                                 which reveals promotes long held Truths to surface.

The green vibrational wave passing through the darker triangle
                 suggest that we walk through lightly to bring healing and balance and a path of transcendence.

The bold bright wavy white lines suggest these frequencies of Light
                                                    are encompassing the lower frequencies.


Healing is occurring as we transcend the ‘old ways of thinking and feeling’ by walking though them completely and lightheartedly.  Suppressed emotions and hidden truths are being pushed out as Light replaces the dark manifestations .  

                                                   Divine Order is revealed as we Trust the process

Intuitive Art Message ~ October 2019

Posted on October 3, 2019 at 10:41 AM Comments comments (2589)
 Intuitive Art Message
by Jackie
 October 2019

 Following is an Artful Intuitive Message for this month with tips to assist you in  applying your Intuition to discover a personal message it has for You.  

I encourage you to share your messages by responding to this blog... 
and to have FUN with this!

    Gaze into this picture for an expansive view and become aware of any feelings...                   Become Aware of the background, shapes, space, colors, sizes, patterns, symmetry...             Gaze into this picture with a detailed look and become aware of any feelings...        
    Allow relationships and their associations to bring insights... 

Discover your personal message through this Creative Art Image:

Intutive Art Message ~ October 2019

Posted on October 3, 2019 at 10:38 AM Comments comments (1472)
Artful Personal Interpretation
By Jackie
                                                                                 October 2019

As I focus on the expansive view… my awareness is drawn to the bold white lines on the left.  It is as though I am being pulled in this direction.  The pure and bright feeling is clear and refreshing.  The black background feels spacious and depicts emptiness.  The size of the sun and red spiral pattern on lower right seem to be close in size and proportion.  The blue star is in the center of the sun and the purple flower.  There is a golden spiral unwinding from the center of the blue star and releasing parts of itself which runs through the left end of the red spiral. The arrow in the far left corner is pointing to spiritual eyes that are gazing on the purple flower. The word YES is written in the left hand corner about the highest white line.

The more expansive (outer) view is letting me know that everything is in Divine Order and that LIGHT is flowing in vibrational wave patterns upon its creation.  The Sun is providing strength and vitality in proportion to primal earth energy (red spiral) unfolding deep within the Earth. 

The detailed (inner) look  shows the Earth/Human (Blue Star)  radiating Love outward. (Golden spiral).  As it does this, emotional energy (orange moon) is being released, depicted by the dotted lines (tears) that flow to the energetic pattern (red spiral).  These emotional releases are being supported by the red spiral energy, as it appears to provide ‘legs’ for the Blue Star.  

Summary:  Humanity is well nurtured, supported, and cared for by the Galactic Realms while Earth/Humanity continues the process of Transformation and Ascension.   We are to continually ‘look’ forward and allow the growth that has already occurred to inspire us.

Intutive Art Message by David-Oct 2019

Posted on September 26, 2019 at 4:17 PM Comments comments (1735)
Divine Spiritual Pictography
Interpreted by David/LE
(aka: #37 ‘Dear Cosmos’)

“What you FEEL is what you get!”
“They" which will be identified at the end of this interpretation, would like you to know that Jackie was diligent in allowing their Divine Spiritual Guidance to simplify what Sages and the Ancient Ones have been communicating to Humanity since the beginning of creation… ‘What you FEEL is what you get!’ and ‘You are not alone!’
OK… They want me to start from within the blue star which represents the Divine Human form dancing in the Pure Potential of the Void or Dark Matter.  Within this Divine Human form is a FEELING that gives way to Thoughts (Logos) which spins a Golden Thread of Energy that seeks expression in the outer world.  This is then communicated unseen as depicted by the dotted line reaching down and manifesting in an external substantial form.  This form then peeks and unravels; matching the golden thought by way of an expanded red spiral that continues to grow exponentially.  This is indicative of the methodology of creation from thought to physical reality.  It is happening consciously and unconsciously within us all ALL the time throughout our eternal existence.
The sun represents the Prana energy which is the vitality or life-force that permeates all living things.  It also has an eye on its creation as it is an integral part of everything physical.  The purple flower represents the Divine Nature that supplies all remaining sustenance for the Human Physical growth.  The orange crescent moon gives us a creative energetic backdrop of synchronized seasons for our emotional well being.
The eyes represent the unseen guidance from others (Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Organizations, Soul Family, Angels, Et’s) that are available to suggest or nudge us mentally into decisions that best serve our Spiritual Growth.  Wherever we are… they are.
The wavy white lines of demarcation identify vibrational levels of existence whereby we are in an isolated field of almost infinite potentials.  You could actually see that the lower field has a longer wavelength (Lower Vibration) while the upper field has a shorter wavelength (Higher Vibration).  The space between the white wavy lines represents the ‘VEIL’ that separates our realities.
The red arrow at the bottom left represents the push to create which comes from Dark Energy and nudges Dark Matter to find a Divine Human from which to manifest through by tickling their thoughts with creative juice.
Lastly and appropriately so… is the ‘Guardian Alliance’ which is at the top left of the painting and it simply states ‘YES!’.  This means it ‘All is On’ and it ‘All is Good’ and it ‘All is God’ and it ‘All Serves’.  The authorship of this artful rendering and interpretation is known by many names; however it does represent members from EVERY Tribe, Race, Spiritual Group and Organization assisting Humanity and Gaia with its ascension programs.
So… to summarize all this… ‘What’s going on within us will be created and reflected in our outer world and it’s all Divinely here under the sun’”
Namaste – David Allison  aka #37