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Intuitive Art Message for December 2019

Posted on November 21, 2019 at 5:09 PM

 Intuitive Art Message
 for December : By Jackie

The painting feels light and airy, it has a wispy feeling, revealing a less definite form; more transparency.    I feel fun and frolic as I gaze into the upper left corner as well as the spirals in the middle of the painting.  The energy of the figure in the upper left hand corner is emulating a strong center and I get the impression of exuberance.   Golden sprinkles are evident throughout the painting, more heavily within the center of the painting.

The light blue background depicts a light and spiritual air; it is mixed with white giving it a translucent appearance.  The shapes are simple and translucent.  The figure in the upper left seems to be happy and joyful; it is the color of light pink/purple. There is a pink/purple heart  in the middle of the page between two wavy lines of white light .  A scant golden/yellow spiral resides in the upper right hand corner.

The figure resides in the upper realm and is separated by an elongated wavy line of white.  It is also related to the large heart; as it is expressing the same frequencies of color that represent Spiritual Love.  The heart is evolving and transforming energy through the three spirals as it moves closer to the golden/yellow spiral; it also connects with the lower wavy line of white.

Message Interpretation:

Those in the Higher Realms are joyfully observing and assisting in the movement and expression of qualities of Heart (Love) and qualities of Light (Wisdom).  A connection has been made and there is a Golden Celebration occurring in both cosmic and earthly realms. 


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