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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion

             Where there's a Will... there's a Way   

  Please contact us if you have a desire to help others... together we will create a way. 

Let’s Connect

Enjoy  ~  Explore  ~  Express

You Are Invited

Join us for FREE Zoom Meetings every Sunday…

~ Starting Sunday, August 1st, 2021 ~

Simply use "Contact Us" link 

with your first name (or nickname) and your email address.

(Ask for Zoom @ 10 and/or 11 and/or 12)

(Opportunities to ask ANY question anonymously for group discussion)

The Carmine Connection/ONE-TLC offers…

A Compassionate, Supportive, and Friendly environment

to be Authentic while exploring personal insights and new concepts.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning...

never lose a Holy Curiosity.”

~ Albert Einstein ~

~  Going Beyond  ~

“Discovering Your Divine Self”

Every Sunday - 10:00am to 10:40am CST

We openly Share - Discuss - Discover…


Who am I…

Why am I here…

What do I really want…

Where did I really come from…

Where on earth/cosmos am I going…

How will I need "TO BE" to arrive there…

And……….....…..…MORE NOW…....…...…When…

and… it’s

FREE for


See examples of questions below and more at: “Zoom @10”

“Who or what is God”

“How can I discover and totally accept and believe what I AM?”

“What if you could be and do anything. What would you be

and what would you do?”

~  Spiritual Maturity  ~

“Embracing Your Divine Self”

Every Sunday - 11:00am to 11:40am CST

We openly Share, Discuss, and Experience New Ways of BEing...


What if… you knew…

How to Master Your Realities…

Your physical vessel - Your own destiny

Attract what you truly want - All aspects​

and parts of You - Where you desire to

go and when - How you need

"TO BE" to embrace



See examples of questions below and more at: “Zoom @11”

“How am I giving my power away?”

“What does it mean to be spiritually mature?”

“How would you describe living non-dualistically in a dualistic world?

Out-of-the-Box Concepts  ~

“Going Beyond Your Conceptual Realities”

Every Sunday - 12:00pm to 12:40pm CST

We Discuss Esoteric Topics:


Starseeds ~ Explorers ~ Wayshowers ~ Overseers ~ Time-Travelers

 Crawl-ins ~ Walk-ins ~ Leap-ins ~ Barge-ins ~ Guest-ins

Humans ~ Hybrids ~ All ET Beings & Races

You know who/what you are...

if not... consider requesting our 

FREE Self-Discovery course below...

"Reality... What a concept"

~ Mork from Ork - Robin Williams ~

OBE/Astral Projection - Near Death Experiences

Paranormal and Para-psychological Experiences

Alien/ET Encounter - Telepathic Communication

Parallel Universes/Realities - The Mandela Effect

The Multi-verse - Simulation Theory - Bi-Location

Soul Star Families: Pleiadian-Sirian-Acturian-Etc.

Parallel/Simultaneous/Multi-dimensional Selves

See examples of questions below and more at: “Zoom @12

“Who or what is creating our realities?”

“How can I know if I am a Starseed with a galactic mission?”

“How can I talk to deceased loved ones and Spirit guides?”

We will also have an opportunity to share

our personal experiences whereby the ONLY conclusion is:

We may be living in a multiverse or computer simulation!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

~ Albert Einstein ~

Simply use "Contact Us" link

with your first name (or nickname) and your email address.

(Ask for Zoom @ 10 and/or 11 and/or 12)

~ Other Opportunities ~

Start your FREE Self-Discovery Course

Discover the Truth of your Divinity and Embrace your Divine Passion.


Start your FREE Self-Mastery Course

Begin the process of Becoming a Conscious/Unconscious Creator.


Become a ONE-TLC Host

Be a part of an innovative way for Spiritual Beings to Communicate.


Become a certified Transformational Life Coach

Help YourSelf, Family, and Friends to become Self-Masters.


Enjoy a Retreat Revelation

ReLax ~ ReJuvenate & ReConnect ~ ReAlign


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