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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion

Spiritual Intelligence Alliance

A ONE-TLC Service

“Whatever there is of God and goodness in the universe,

it must work itself out and express itself through us.

We cannot stand aside and let God do it.”

~ Albert Einstein ~

The Spiritual Intelligen​ce Alliance (SIA) was formed to assist Humanity in their Awakening.  Understanding what is happening, on an individual and collective basis, will assist in the transitional process of moving us all beyond the limited perception of self. This will result in an evolving collective reality created by OUR Integrated Divine Soul Aspects.

SIA Team

The SIA Team consists of Like Minded Ambassadors who are inspired to share their knowledge, wisdom, talents, creative ideas, etc. to assist Humanity wherever there is a need and request in the following areas; education, understanding, healing, exploring, creative expression, etc. Each Ambassador has unique abilities, skills, and understanding that offer expertise in a variety of fields that meet individual and collective specific needs.

SIA Possibilities

As founders of this Alliance, and on behalf of our ONE-TLC Board of Directors, 

we (Jackie & David) offer Transformational Healing/Resolution, Transitional Assistance, and Going Beyond Facilitation 

to groups; families, businesses, or corporations.

What we offer

We use our personally developed system of Now~Living Potentials for Transformational opportunities to provide a firm and grounding foundation. Utilizing this system helps others to personally understand themselves and find direction in their lives by re-discovering their Human & Divine Purpose & Mission. Once this is discovered, we can then assist in the Healing/Clearing of Unwanted Emotions and Limiting Beliefs.  This easily allows Transition to the Next step or forward movement, on whatever level best serves Spiritual Growth.

Going Beyond

As Going Beyond Facilitators we offer a safe and compassionate environment for others to ask questions, share their views, and express their creative ideas. This is a group discussion in which one can discover and explore many other points of view while increasing personal awareness and developing listening and observation skills. We have been pleasantly surprised by the Out-of-the-Box Ideas, Concepts, and Experiences previously shared in these groups.

Receiving Assistance

Our Oneness-Now-Energy ~ Transformation-Light-Center is the ideal setting to receive Inner Divine Connection, Insights, and Personal Transformation. We feel personal experience is key to Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth. ONE-TLC has been in continuous development since 2012 with the assistance and contributions of many like-minded individuals.  Browse the links on your left for more information on services.

The SIA Service

The SIA Team is willing to come to You 

wherever you may be, 

providing out-of-pocket expenses are provided 

and we have established a joint plan.  

We are available to assist those that truly desire change AND 

are willing to take responsibility for their own lives.

Contact us by phone or email for a 

free consultation to determine 

how SIA services may benefit you.

[Contact us]

Become a Member of the SIA

Whatever there is of God and goodness in the universe, it must work itself out 

and express itself through us.  We cannot stand aside and let God do it.

~ Albert Einstein ~

We are currently inviting new members. There are two requirements:

  1.  Complete two short FREE online courses that we offer.  The first one is titled: Self-Discovery, and the second one is titled: Self-Mastery.
  2.  Complete the ONE-TLC Practitioner Training (see Certifications)

We offer these courses as a foundation for Conscious Living and Soul/Spirit Growth/Evolution. We (David & Jackie) found each other in 2012 and together have discovered our personal connections to Nature and Inner Divinity. We have shared personal insights and have gleaned an understanding as to how Spirit and Nature forces work together cooperatively to manifest beneficial outcomes.

Living our lives disconnected from Nature, can leave our Human Soul feeling unfulfilled.

 Living our lives disconnected from our inner Divine Light Spirit, can leave our Human Soul feeling lost or without 

Guidance or Wisdom to move Forward and Beyond.

As SIA Ambassadors, we can come together to share inspiration, direction, knowledge, wisdom, and more… to assist others in transcending any challenges or obstacles that they are facing.  As a team member, you can offer your talents and skills while synergistically adding your expertise to the many successful and beneficial outcomes that are possible for an Awakened Conscious Humanity. 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Aristotle (2,370 years ago)