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The Carmine Connection


Discovering and Embracing Your Divine  Passion

Spiritual Maturity ~ Zoom @ 11

“Exploring and Experiencing Soul Growth”

Every Sunday - 11:00am to 11:40am CST (Starting Aug 1st, 2021)

Host: Jackie/Zientah

ONE-TLC offers a Compassionate Supportive, and Friendly environment

to BE Authentic while exploring Personal Insights and New Concepts.

When we are joined as friends in this community,

we feel Safe to express our thoughts and feelings

of the Heart… Knowing that:

We treat each other as we would like to be treated;

with Love, Compassion, Kindness and Patience.

We listen from the Heart with complete Acceptance.

We speak from the Heart from personal

Experience and Truth.

We know everything said, that is personal,

is safe and will be kept confidential.

Instead of giving advice… we create a safe space

that allows each person to speak their Truth.

More Questions to Consider...

What can I do to become spiritually mature?

• Does our daily pattern of movement condition our 

mind/emotions/mental ability?

• Is beauty always associated with morality?

• How do I understand and move through the sadness of 

being alone without a partner?

• Why would I want to be spiritually mature?

• What does the term Oneness mean to you?

• How do you define intelligence and how do you see 

intelligence in yourself and others?

• How will I know when I AM spiritually mature?

• What has love got to do with it?

• Do we do what we do because we want to or we need to?

• What is my next step?

• Should we respect others beliefs when we know they are wrong?

• How would you define the word soul and what is the most profound 

wisdom that your soul has experienced to take you beyond limitations?